Young REMOTE finds a tropical beach in Costa Rica.
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Pura vida!

This warm, traditional Costa Rican greeting means “pure life” and perfectly translates the healthy lifestyle of one of the happiest countries in the world. A pioneer in ecotourism and sustainable travel, Costa Rica is a worldwide reference for having protected nature reserves covering nearly one-third of its total area.The small Central American country has high levels of human development and is proudly one of the few nations on Earth without a standing army. Las Catalinas, in Guanacaste, was our host for REMOTE's third edition. This charming village tucked between two of Costa Rica’s loveliest beaches on the Pacific Ocean boasts pristine waters, tropical forests and beautiful people.

Dedicated to creating a way of life that is healthy, sustainable, fulfilling and fun, Las Catalinas is a conscious, car-free community with full-time and vacation homes, several inns and intimate hotels, restaurants, yoga studios, day spas, parks, plazas and recreational facilities. Around 1,000 acres of protected tropical dry forest are interlaced with extensive hiking and biking trails. Inside this peaceful refuge, walkable public spaces mingle with nature, and the architecture emphasizes indoor-outdoor living with scenic views throughout this unique locale that is forever in bloom. The town’s core values and beliefs include environmental stewardship, connections to one another and the rhythms of nature – a philosophy shared with REMOTE Latin America, whose purpose is to help everyone live and travel better.