REMOTE comes to a rustic colonial village in Colombia.
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Informally known as "El pueblito más lindo de Colombia", Barichara is still a secret kept from many foreigners.

It looks like nothing has changed over the last 300 years, and feels like you traveled back in time. Cobblestone streets surrounded by whitewashed houses with red tiles serve as the background against which artisans have been handcrafting ceramics and textiles for centuries. Barichara goes at its own pace. After just a day of strolling around, you will slow down and experience the artistic soul that enriches the local culture.

Despite the peaceful rhythm of the 7,000 inhabitants, the town on the outskirts of the Chicamocha Canyon, one of the most impressive in the world, is a paradise for adventure. Our 2019 setting was the perfect atmosphere to slowly build business connections while interacting with the local community.