Cafayate: our next REMOTE destination

March 24, 2020



Have you ever heard of Cafayate?
This quiet and unique village in the middle of a desert region is the perfect setting for us to meet at next REMOTE Latin America immersive gathering. With 15,000 inhabitants, Cafayate, the host destination of our fifth edition, sits at the center of the Calchaquíes Valleys, in Salta province, Northern Argentina. Surrounded by peaceful and unparalleled natural landscapes and embraced by local indigenous traditions, the city contrasts with other known famous areas of the country, where usually a lively and cosmopolitan spirit prevails.



The mountains and ravines that stand out in the rugged geography are only some of the reasons that make the beauty of the region, colored by blue skies, a bright sun (don’t forget your sunscreen!), jaw-dropping ocher geological formations, green vineyards and white sand dunes. Cafayate is also the most important city in the Calchaquíes Valleys Wine Route, making some of Argentina’s best wines. The Spanish Torrontes grapes are the local pride. Superb wineries and wines are waiting for us for a toast and some wine tasting.



Cafayate, a word probably originated from Quechua language, meaning “water drawer”, is part of an old Inca route and home to many Pre-Columbian civilizations. Indigenous traditions are still alive in the local culture and we have the opportunity to experience it when meeting the dwellers. The Quebrada de las Conchas (meaning Shell’s Ravine) is the most famous attraction in the area, hiding fantastic formations like “The Amphitheater” and the “Devil’s Throat”. The valley is an astonishing place for hikes, walks, bicycle rides and, of course, photo shootings!



We will also have the opportunity to uncover other gorgeous destinations in the area in our pre and post trips. Cafayate can be easily combined with visits to other places in the province, like Salinas Grandes, Parque Nacional los Cardones and the cities of Cachi and Salta, and with the beautiful neighbor province, Jujuy. If you have more time you can consider a ride to the Atacama desert, in Chile.



Hiding its own magic, Salta and Cafayate are places to be slowly and deeply explored – on foot, by bike, horse or car. We invite you to this adventure.

Please register your interest at if you’d like to be a REMOTE Exhibitor or REMOTE Travel Designer at REMOTE Immersion Cafayate.

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