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The most authentic experience in independent Latin American tourism.

The most authentic experience in independent Latin American tourism.
The most authentic experience in independent Latin American tourism.
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Cafayate, according to the legend:
el pueblo que lo tiene todo

The spirit of its people reflects the colors of the landscape: from the intense red of the valleys to the navy blue of the sky. At the foot of the Andes, we will explore geological formations sculpted by time, paths that snake in between mountain walls, flavors hidden in the regional cuisine and wine. Together, we'll create a true portrait of this enchanting Argentine villa. And in this discovery of a Cafayate that exists off the map, we'll be able to see what Latin America is made of.

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Passionate about Latin America

We are a community that unites that most creative hoteliers in Latin America with the most innovative travel designers in the world to create the new scenario of independent tourism together.

Remote and independent

We explore the planet's undiscovered places, in our work and within each one of us. We live out immersive experiences, we generate business and we dialogue, always striving to make a positive impact. We go further in order to get closer to what we have in common: a passion for people, remote places and Latin America.

Powerful connections

We are a small, select group and together we construct powerful connections. An event where everyone connects with everyone else. An experience designed so that the connections go beyond the average business meeting and turn into profound, long-lasting bonds. Cafayate Photos Credit:
Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Salta.


We take care of those who come like we take care of our family. We are close and tight-knit. We remain connected, spread all over the world. We experience and reveal to the world what maps are unable tell us.

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