Why It’s Important to Disconnect
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Why It’s Important to Disconnect

Traveling is a great excuse to disconnect. Try turning it off for a few days, or turn off your cell data and only use it to take photos or notes.

Comuna do Ibitipoca

How to engage the local population in your hotel's projects

Many hoteliers dream of embracing social and environmental projects in the regions where they're located. But the truth is that having successful projects requires a process of continuous building, especially with the local community.

Travel Radar Survey Remote 2021
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Travel Radar Survey 2021

We are happy to share some important info and an analysis based on a Survey conducted in our REMOTE Community.


The megalithic architecture of Cusco

Andres Adasme is Explorer, Product Developer, Experience Designer and member of the Remote Community. He tells us about his experience in Sacsaywaman.

Permaculture Farm-to-Table
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In search of the simplest

Nowadays people are looking for a simpler and more conscientious life, with the desire to connect with themselves more and integrate with the environment / nature and society in a more sustainable and conscious way.

Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna, an inspiration in social impact tourism.

Check out our conversation with Petit, owner of the Sol y Luna hotel, a member of the REMOTE community who told us a little about your relationship with the local community and how other hotels can also act in social impact tourism.

Argentine Patagonia
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Argentine Patagonia - An unforgettable trip

What would you say to an adventurous itinerary in a remote region that offers breathtaking landscapes? This place is Patagonia, divided between Argentina and Chile, both sides with can't-miss attractions for any nature and wildlife lover.


5 incredible retreats in Latin America

We selected 5 incredible Lodging Members where you can enjoy the unique experiences that a REMOTE retreat can provide.


My journey: Peru is ready to welcome tourists again

Gisela Polo, Latin America Manager for American Big Five Tours & Expeditions, tells us about her trip from Miami to Lima.

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Travelling in Costa Rica during a global pandemic

Johnny Ogilvie, of South America Odyssey, shares a first-hand account about how the country is ready to welcome tourists again.

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The state of travel in Latin America today

A rundown of the current situation of tourism in Latin America, according to Local Experts from the REMOTE Community.

REMOTE Talks 2020 - Sunniva Sorby
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Sunniva Sorby shares her inspiring story at REMOTE Talks 2020

Our invited keynote speaker for the REMOTE at the REMOTE Online Travel Show is Sunniva Sorby, one of two leaders of the inspiring project Hearts in the Ice, in Svalbard, Norway.

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