Eight unusual places to stay in Latin America

April 21, 2024


Photo: Galapagos Safari Camp


The concept of accommodation has evolved significantly, and contemporary travelers are seeking more than just a place to sleep – they want a unique hospitality experience that makes their journeys memorable and matchless. This shift has led to the rise of experiential accommodations, where the place you spend the night is as much a part of the trip as the destination itself. In Latin America, unconventional places to stay are increasingly in-demand, bringing winds of innovation to the hospitality sector.

From luxury treehouses in the rainforest to dome-shaped glamping tents, these unique accommodations offer travelers a chance to sharpen their senses, experience completely different adventures and immerse themselves in nature and the destination. With REMOTE’s resourceful portfolio of exhibitors, we’re fortunate to find fascinating accommodations that combine luxury, creativity and innovative experiences.


Galapagos Safari Camp

Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos – Ecuador

Offering a unique, luxurious experience of the stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Safari Camp welcomes guests with spacious, beautifully designed African-inspired safari tents with panoramic views and comfy furniture. Nestled in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, the camp provides a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature.

Blending the comforts of a hotel with the thrill of camping in the wild, Galapagos Safari Camp offers a complete experience that includes authentic safari adventures and delicious cuisine based on honest dining – finely-crafted tasting menus that combine what is readily available on the islands (and safe to consume without creating additional demand) with Ecuadorian ingredients and recipes. With its commitment to sustainability and conservation, Galapagos Safari Camp provides a truly unforgettable eco-luxury experience.


Palacio de Sal

Uyuni – Bolivia

Much more than the world’s first salt hotel, though its charms do begin with the amazing salt structure, Palacio de Sal lies on the shores of the majestic Salar de Uyuni. Beneath a spectacular sky, and despite its unusual construction material, the hotel offers luxurious accommodations and modern amenities, providing guests with a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

The hotel’s design incorporates the salt theme throughout its interior, with salt furniture, sculptures and even walls and ceilings made of salt blocks. Palacio de Sal also features a gourmet restaurant serving delicious meals made with local ingredients, as well as a bar where guests can enjoy a drink while basking in the breathtaking views of the salt flat. With its unique architecture, stunning surroundings and exceptional service, Hotel Palacio de Sal offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Reserva Biológica Huilo Huilo

Los Ríos – Chile

Located in Chile’s Los Ríos region, this stunning 100,000-hectare nature reserve is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and unique biodiversity. But the curiously built accommodations are another bonified attraction for explorers. The Montaña Mágica Lodge is built into the shape of a volcano and covered in lush vegetation, with water cascading down its sides. The lodge offers travelers a truly immersive experience in nature, with cozy rooms, gourmet dining and stunning views of the surrounding forest. 

Guests can also choose to stay at the Hotel Reino Funghi, inspired by the plant life of the southern forests; the Nothofagus, a wonderful building made of noble materials where sensations, shapes, textures and sounds connect visitors with nature; or in one of the cabins in the woods, among other accommodation experiences. Reserva Biológica Huilo Huilo also features a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, horseback riding and birdwatching, that allow visitors to explore this magical landscape and see its unique flora and fauna up close.


Hotel Parador Cambará do Sul

Cambará do Sul – Brazil

The first glamping-style hotel in Brazil, Parador Cambará do Sul is a charming, cozy lodge located on a farm, right next to scenic Aparados da Serra National Park. The hotel offers comfortable accommodations in a rustic yet elegant setting, with rooms decorated in warm, inviting countryside style. In addition to the luxury tents, Parador offers a cocoon accommodation experience in which the tents have a bold design, mixing contemporary lines with rustic details.

Guests can relax and unwind in the hotel’s tranquil gardens or take in the panoramic views of the nearby mountains. The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients, allowing guests to experience the regional cuisine. Cambará do Sul is the gateway to the dramatic canyons of the Aparados da Serra National Park, and Hotel Parador is the perfect base for exploring this natural wonder.


Pristine Camps

El Calafate, Misiones and Jujuy – Argentina

Pristine Camps offers a unique and immersive glamping experience in some of the most beautiful and remote locations in Argentina. Their camps are carefully designed to blend into the natural environment, providing guests with a truly authentic wilderness experience. Each campsite is equipped with comfortable tents, cozy bedding and all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay, while still allowing guests to connect with nature.

Whether in the extreme south of Argentine Patagonia, in El Calafate, or up north, in the middle of the Salinas Grandes salt flats, the charming dome-shaped accommodations serve as base for a range of outdoor activities including hiking, wildlife watching and cultural experiences with local communities.


Ibiti Projeto

Lima Duarte – Brazil

A regenerative tourism initiative located in the heart of the Atlantic Forest in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Ibiti Projeto aims to promote conservation and community development by providing visitors with unique, immersive natural experiences. Guests can choose from among a selection of hospitality experiences, including a farmhouse, typical houses in a local village or especially remote houses with nothing but nature and silence surrounding them.

At Ibiti Projeto, guests can participate in various activities that showcase the region’s biodiversity and culture, including guided hikes, mountain biking, horseback riding and visits to the Muriqui house, a project that protects the endangered woolly spider monkeys. Through its innovative approach to ecotourism, Ibiti Projeto aims to create a fertile setting where happiness can flourish and there’s harmony between people and the environment.


Luxury Airstream Camper by Crillon Tours 

Uyuni – Bolivia

Crillon Tours’ Deluxe Airstream offers a unique and luxurious way to experience the beauty of the Salar de Uyuni salt flat. These custom-designed airstream campers are equipped with upscale amenities and stylish interiors, providing a comfortable, memorable travel experience. Guests can enjoy the freedom of exploring remote and stunning locations while appreciating the comforts of a luxury hotel room on wheels.

Each Luxury Airstream Camper is accompanied by experienced guides from Crillon Tours, who are experts in the local culture, history and wildlife. This allows guests to not only enjoy the stunning scenery but also gain a deeper understanding of the destinations they visit. The Airstream Camper also includes personalized chef services and cozy interiors. Experience the wonder of the star-filled nights on this unforgettable adventure.


Patagonia Camp

Torres del Paine, Patagonia – Chile


Patagonia Camp is a unique, eco-friendly luxury camping experience located in the stunning wilderness of Chilean Patagonia. Situated on the shores of Lake Toro and surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, the camp offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of one of the most pristine, remote regions on Earth. The camp features spacious, comfortable yurts, each with its own private terrace that offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

One of Patagonia Camp’s highlights is its commitment to sustainability and conservation. The camp operates in harmony with its natural surroundings, using renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly practices to minimize its impact on the environment. Guests can participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, horseback riding and kayaking, all while they’re surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Patagonian wilderness. With its unique blend of luxury and adventure, Patagonia Camp boasts a truly unforgettable experience for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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