The value of local host to the hospitality industry

March 24, 2020



French hôtelier Thierry Teyssier, founder of 700’000 heures Hotel, the first wandering hotel in the world, gave an amazing and insightful speech at the REMOTE Talks in Barichara, Colombia, remembering us how engaging with local people is essential to offer valuable hospitality services.



Thierry started his panel “The value of the local host” reflecting on what hospitality means nowadays. “When you welcome your guests you have to create some special moments for them. A guest today wants to live simple moments with people they love and to be connected with locals, not leaving comfort behind. Locals give storytelling”, he stated. Based on his experience, the entrepreneur explained how working with small hotels is much more rewarding: “When you have only 3 rooms you can work with local suppliers. When you have 20 rooms you need to have a professional in another city bringing you frozen fish”.



According to Thierry, training and capacitation should focus in “simplicity, generosity, freedom and connection with locals” – these are key to good hospitality today. He shared some of his experiences working with the community of Santo Amaro, in Lençóis Maranhenses, Brasil, and how guests were happy to interact with the locals.



Thierry Teyssier has created 700’000 Heures hotel in 2018 in search for more authentic experiences and connections with local hosts in the luxury hospitality industry. The hotel has already passed through Italy, Cambodia and Brazil.
Thierry’s panel is available on REMOTE channel on YouTube. Watch it and feel free to spread the link.

Watch the full REMOTE Talk:


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