REMOTE Talks & Seeds Cafayate 2022: “Back to Simplicity”

September 20, 2022


Speakers will address what is essential in our lives today – nature, health and human connections

Inspired by what motivates and moves our lives today, we sought inspiration from nature, health and real connections between people for the traditional REMOTE Talks & Seeds that permeate the schedule of our annual itinerant event, bringing content, exchanges and insights for participants. With the theme “Back to Simplicity : how the challenges of the pandemic reminded us to prioritize people, nature and health in our lives, ” we aim to reflect on what is fundamental for us, as individuals and professionals, after the tough years of the pandemic, social distancing and interruption of travels.

Marcela Fernandez Barreneche, REMOTE Talks 2019, Barichara, Colombia | Foto: Bruno Soares /

In recent years, we understood that luxury lies in the small pleasures, in contact with nature, in our physical and mental health and in the opportunity to be with our loved ones. People now look for simplicity as the new luxury.

We have invited leading professionals in different areas to take the stage at REMOTE Talks, to encourage us to rethink the way we live and work and remind us how travel can (and should!) increasingly connect with the fundamentals of our lives. The REMOTE Talks speakers will be joined onstage by REMOTE Community members selected from among a list of candidates to present inspiring short talks and stories at REMOTE Seeds, also addressing the core theme of our event.

“After almost three years impacted by the lack of travel and with no chances to bring the REMOTE Community together in person again, we’re really proud to be hosting such an inspiring selection of speakers. These folks walk the walk when it comes to conscious travel. They love what they do and each one has worked hard, especially after the pandemic, to provide other travelers the same experiences they like to have: Being with those we love, in fantastic remote places in Latin America, enjoying the simple pleasures of life,” says Daniel Nunes, the curator for the REMOTE Talks & Seeds in Cafayate.

Daniel Nunes in Barichara, Colombia | Foto: Bruno Soares /

Kicking off the first night of REMOTE Talks & Seeds, on October 18 th , Constanza Cerutti (Argentina) , the first female Andean high-altitude archaeologist and anthropologist, will encourage our connection to nature and the outdoors, telling fantastic stories about “Mountain archeology in the Andes” and her discoveries. She will be followed by REMOTE members Andres Adasme (Mountain Lodges of Peru) and Marcelo Schaffer (PATA Lodge).

The second night will focus on people, the sense of community and emotional human bonds, as Jorge Moller (Chile), an expert in responsible tourism and director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, inspires us with the perks and positive impacts of “Regenerative Tourism” for healthy human existence on Earth. REMOTE Seeds will also bring to the stage Kirsten Gardner ( Outlier Journeys) and Sebastian Vergara (Art Hotels and Art Experiences Travel).

The very last night of REMOTE Talks Cafayate 2022 will feature psychologist and travel therapist Javier Labourt , who defines himself as a “creative psychologist that’s passionate about understanding the relationship between travel and personal change.” Labourt will discuss the relationship between travel, wellness and personal transformation. We will also hear from Paul Cripps (Amazonas Explorer) and Paola Gulin (Nomad Roots).

Once again, we would like to thank all applicants and congratulate the selected speakers for the REMOTE Seeds at Cafayate: Andres Adasme, Kirsten Gardner, Marcelo Schaffer, Paola Gurin, Paul Cripps and Sebastian Vergara.


REMOTE Talks & Seeds take place at the following sites and hours:

  • October 18 th , 7:45 – 8:45 PM – La Estancia de Cafayate
  • October 19 th , 7:45 – 8:45 PM – Wine Museum (Museo de La Vid y Vino)
  • October 20 th , 7:30 – 8:30 PM – La Estancia de Cafayate


Tierry Teyssier, REMOTE Talks 2019, Barichara, Colombia | Foto: Bruno Soares /


Check out the complete lineup of speakers:

The Keynote Speakers who inspire us for positive changes


Mountain archeology in the Andes

The story behind the discovery of the best-preserved mummies at one of the highest sacred sites on Earth


Andean high-altitude archaeologist and anthropologist

Dr. Constanza Ceruti is the first female Andean high-altitude archaeologist in the world. Having climbed over 100 mountains above 5000 meters to study mountaintop shrines of the Inca civilization, she co-discovered the best-preserved mummies at 6,739 meters on the summit of Llullaillaco, the highest archaeological site on Earth. A professor of tourism at the Catholic University of Salta and author of 25 books and over 200 scientific publications, she has lectured and traveled in five continents. Gold Medalist of the International Society of Women Geographers, an Emerging Explorer of the National Geographic Society and a recipient of the Gold Medal from the University of Buenos Aires, the Gold Condor of the Argentine Army and the Courage Award of the Wings Worldquest, Dr. Ceruti believes in tourism as a bridge between cultures. Her latest book explores “Andean beliefs and Sacred Mountains.”


Regenerative tourism

Why a “sense of community” moves us to go beyond sustainability and regenerate the travel industry


Director for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council

A sustainable tourism expert with nearly 40 years of leadership and hands-on experience in Chile and throughout Latin America, Jorge Moller has dedicated his life to encouraging travel professionals and companies to promote remarkable experiences for travelers in a responsible way. With a passion for nature and degrees in biology and agronomy, Moller spent years serving as a tour operator, working with adventure travel, environmental education, community-based and indigenous tourism. That expertise led him to create the non-governmental organization Regenera, expanding sustainable tourism training across the continent. Program Director for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and a professor, Jorge Moller has worked to promote the importance of people and the sense of community not only for positive-impact tourism in the post-pandemic era, but also for healthy human existence on earth.


Travel as mental health therapy

Building a bridge between travel and mental health to help people live better in contemporary society

by JAVIER LABOURT (Argentina)

Psychologist and travel therapist

Javier Labourt defines himself as a “creative psychologist that’s passionate about understanding the relationship between travel and personal change.” As a young traveler, he realized that tourism has the power to change our perspectives on life. Later, he became a licensed psychologist in Buenos Aires, Argentina and focused his studies on the “therapeutic alliance,” the  cooperative working relationship between client and therapist. After getting his Master’s Degree in Psychology from Palo Alto University in California, USA, Labourt decided to combine his two passions, psychology and travel, to help people achieve positive changes. He’s also trained in improv and co-hosted the travel show “World Party” on Greek television. A TEDx speaker who lives in Barcelona, Spain, he is currently producing his own TV travel show, which integrates inspirational travel and psychology.


Voices of the REMOTE community to nourish trends and ideas



Mountain Lodges of Peru (Peru)

How to switch from humankind to kind human

As Planet Earth is sobbing, humanity is becoming more detached, losing its original connection to nature and Mother Earth. Architect, Mountain Lodges of Peru experience designer and tour leader Andres Adasme, who moved from his native Chile to Cusco 20 years ago to study ancient civilizations, believes in non-touristic, lengthy and profound experiences in traditional communities as a tool for reconnecting people to their roots.



PATA Lodge (Chile)

The odds (and gratitude) of being alive

When we analyze life on Earth since the Big Bang, we understand how miniscule the odds of us being here on this planet truly are. For Marcelo Schaffer, a former marketing professional from Brazil who moved to Patagonia to become a hotelier and farmer, being alive is like having won the lottery. “We’re a privileged group of people who might learn it is a moral and ethical duty to be thankful and give back to the Earth,” he says.



Outlier Journeys (USA)

The Advisor’s role in supporting responsible travel

Travel Designers expect their suppliers to provide responsible and sustainable travel experiences. But how can Advisors also ensure that their end of the equation represents the values they seek in their partners? Kirsten Gardner, owner of Outlier Journeys, a founding member of Women’s Travel Leaders and the wmnsWORK Tourism Business Accelerator, will share how Travel Designers can do their part to make the experience better for all stakeholders.



Art Hotels Ecuador (Ecuador)

The power of collaboration in tourism: micro entrepreneurship chapter

For six years now, Sebastian Vergara has been fostering the idea of giving back and supporting small businesses in the local communities that his guests visit. With the purpose of guaranteeing them a higher quality of life so they can keep working to preserve local culture and traditions, he started a movement to train these micro entrepreneurs, helping them improve their services and run their companies in a truly sustainable manner.



Amazonas Explorer (Peru)

Surviving the pandemic with all staff intact

“Where are all the tourists?” When Paul Cripps, a British national living in Peru, heard a muleteer ask this question to his company Amazonas Explorer, he decided to start leading a series of initiatives to support his staff and the communities with which he worked. More than two years on, Paul shares what he learned – and also celebrates that “getting Remote in the great outdoors” has become so much more than just a trend.



NomadRoots (Brazil)

How books can create better travelers 

Reading, like traveling, is a passport to a world of knowledge. A passionate traveler and reader, Brazilian travel designer Paola Gulin created a successful book club at NomadRoots to engage her community seven years ago. After more than 50 literary journeys through reading, talks and experiences, customers have broadened their minds, found inspiration for real-life trips and become more conscious travelers.

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