Market Context and Perspectives for 2022 and beyond from the REMOTE community

January 11, 2022


The fourth edition of REMOTE Digital Talks wrapped up 2021 with a flourish.

More than 100 REMOTERS participated in two days of panels on Market perspectives for 2022 and beyond. Informative insights and complementary points of views made it possible for everyone to connect the dots and get a wider perspective on our market’s main prospects for the near future.

On December 1 st , REMOTE friends Tad Bradley of the Kusini Collection and Clark Kotula of Clark Kotula Representation & Sales Support co-hosted the first panel, in which US Travel Designers guests shared their main concerns and mindsets.Check out some of the main takeaways from the microlearnings below.



  • Now there’s an appetite for longer haul travels outside North America
  • Sales in LatAm have been consistently strong where borders have been consistently open for some time 
  • Clients are deciding on places that have the fewest restrictions 
  • Flexible policies are really important on this point in terms of payments and rescheduling
  • The one thing we learned for certain is that nothing is certain, so people have learned that the best thing they can do is anticipate changes
  • People crave human interaction. The pandemic has brought people together too


Watch the full recording of the US Market panel:


On December 2 nd , Odile Palustran of Opal Collection and Simon Heyes of Senderos co-hosted the second panel to discuss the main aspects and viewpoints of the UK Market. Both hosts gathered in person with their UK Travel Designer guests for an enjoyable meet-up, which ended up at a pub to celebrate friendship. Their insightful thoughts can be found below:



  • People want to do the same things now that they wanted to do before the pandemic, so there’s not so much change in that sense 
  • As a sector, we have to work collaboratively to force the issue of sustainability and make sure to offer responsible travel products
  • People’s memories are short, so as soon as they see some good news they pounce on it and start to travel again
  • People are less distressed if they have to postpone
  • The challenge these days is successfully managing expectations 
  • Now we’re dealing with Omicron, but we’re not in the same place we were 18 months ago



To watch the full recording of the UK Market panel:


We salute everyone who made this enlightening discussion board happen, reinforcing the fact that the REMOTE community is indeed stronger together!

Looking forward to our upcoming 2022 REMOTE Talks & Seeds, part of our Digital Experiences for members.

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