Health & Transformational Travel Experiences for the New Normal: microlearnings from the 6th edition of REMOTE Talks & Seeds

July 16, 2022


On June 30 th , we had the opportunity to exchange ideas with inspiring travel professionals leading the way to a more transformative, ethical and healthier tourism. The four speakers addressed the theme “Health & Transformational Travel Experiences for the New Normal” by presenting their own experiences. The talks touched on some of the main trends in travel today, as well as the future of tourism. We’ve listed a few highlights for you.


Microlearnings from our guest speakers


Jake Haupert
Transformational Travel Council – USA

REMOTE Talk: Intentional Travel for New Ways of Being and Engaging with the World

“The Travel Industry is undergoing fundamental shifts as travelers seek more personalized, transformative experiences. Travel and Tourism is evolving and becoming more self-aware, ethical and impactful.”


  • This year we’re traveling with smaller footprints and bigger hearts
  • We’re in the “new you” business, leading the way in the Transformation Economy
  • The pandemic has greatly accelerated the demand for mindful, transformative Travel Experiences
  • Slow is the new fast
  • Focus on depth rather than distance
  • Travel is a process and a practice, not a product


Nahuel Alonso
Esencia.Patagonia – Argentina

REMOTE Seeds: Transformational Experiences, an essential human’s search

“Excellence, Education, Conservation and Emotional Ties are the backbone of creating impactful experiences”


Ingredients of designing transformational experiences include:

  • Story: What is the traveler searching for
  • Nature: Mindfulness, Silence and Awareness
  • Luxury: Being places when and where no one else is
  • Community: Finding out how to contribute to your community
  • Adventure: Learning, accepting challenges and spending time with oneself
  • Wow Factor: Place random chances, unpredictable events and surprising personalities
  • Footprint: Allow the traveler to have a transformational footprint


Claudia Roth
Soul Luxury – Germany

REMOTE Talk: Inner and Outer Transformation as a Path to Success

“At the forefront of this growing luxury experience market are smaller companies with the capacity for highly-personalized experiences, enabling them to provide idiosyncratic, bespoke offerings that tell the meaningful and authentic stories behind their brands”


  • Privileged experiences are being replaced by a more considerate, meaningful approach
  • The new level of luxury will be entirely personal, contextual and meaningful
  • The ultimate luxury will lie in its transformational value
  • The spiritualized consumer is a person who seeks unique experiences and products that support their values and passions, creating meaningful, lasting personal change while making a positive difference in the world
  • The transformation economy is aligned with the quest for self-betterment based on: environmental, organic, natural, equitable, kind, benevolent, sincere and true values


Shana Sexton

REMOTE Seeds: Traveler’s Favorite Wellness Experiences

“The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reported the worldwide wellness industry is making an exponential comeback, reaching $5T by the end of 2021 and forecasted to increase by 9.9% annually, achieving $7 trillion by 2025”


  • The pandemic sparked a greater focus on mental health & well-being, and transformative experiences & trips with purpose
  • Most popular inquiries included mental health retreats, detox & weight-loss retreats
  • 60:40 split of women to men seeking retreats. Growing number of men who are prioritizing well-being
  • Simplicity is key when communicating with travelers: to make wellness accessible and more widely understood
  • Most travelers want experiences related to nature and digital detoxes


Watch the full recording:

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