2021 Digital Seeds Series

April 22, 2021



We are very excited to announce our first edition of Digital Seeds series.

This REMOTE Experience will connect people through sharing knowledge and experiences on many current topics to discuss, reflect and learn more and more.

Four members of the community will be sharing their learning experiences on Flexibility: how active learning is guiding me towards change.

This Digital Seeds series is confirmed to take place online next Wednesday, 28th April at UTC 4pm.

See our guest speakers:



Topic: Planning for International and Domestic Travel: a natural shift in perspective

Nancy spent over a decade based in the places where she planned trips in both South America and Europe. Five years ago, she made what felt like a personally colossal move to return to the community where she grew up in rural Ontario, where she currently works remotely as part of Trufflepig’s Latin America planning team. Since then, interest in Canada as a destination has grown slowly, then exponentially during this past year of travel restrictions. Domestic exploration is a budding part of Trufflepig’s planning fabric as a Canadian company. It’s a form of adaptation and also an acknowledgment of the innate curiosity we have as planners for our immediate surroundings.



Topic: Strengthen bonds: how reconnecting with my purpose brought my best clients closer in

A forty-two years old entrepreneur, wife, mother of Gabriela and Janaina and an avid traveller. For 26 years, she and her team at Adventure Club have been specialized in nature travels within Brazil and the world. In the past year, reconnecting with her purpose was the key to create meaningful experiences to her clients and strengthen relationships.



Topic: Why collaboration is the best way out of pandemic crisis

Born in France, but after arriving in South America more than 15 years ago, he decided to settle in Argentina and devoted on creating experiences that would capture his admiration for the diverse and amazing Latin American destinations. Together with his partner, they settled in Colombia in 2014, and joining their passion for traveling and discovering the best secrets of each destination they visit, decided to capture their experiences through Nahbu Travel by glimpsing the benefits that Colombia has to offer. During last year’s pandemic, he partnered up with competitors boutique hotels to found Secretos de Colombia, to collaborate and strengthen their presence within the domestic market.



Topic: Linking the dots for the new normal

Covid has changed all our lives and working practices.Ed Paine, owner of UK specialist Latin America tour operator Last Frontiers, reflects on the challenges and opportunities that this has created. Ed has been travelling to Latin America for many years, having lived in both Venezuela and Brazil prior to founding Last Frontiers 30 years ago.

Our digital experiences are for Travel Designers, Hoteliers & Local Experts REMOTE members only.

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