REMOTE Immersion Cafayate 2022: what to expect?

August 16, 2022


Crédito: Turismo Salta – Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes de la Provincia de Salta


After two long years of anticipation, we’re finally packing our bags for another REMOTE Immersion (October 17 – 20) – our signature traveling event that connects Latin America’s small-scale tourism and off-the-beaten-track destinations with people who believe that exclusive and sustainable tourism is here to stay. Seeking to build bridges, leave behind a positive legacy and authentically introduce the destination to participants, our event remains the same in format and essence, but many more new developments are yet to come!

This year, the city of Cafayate, in the province of Salta, Argentina, is our host destination. It was chosen by our team for the contrasting diversity of experiences, scenarios and cultural assets in a small town of 14,850. We really hope you enjoy your visit as much as our hosts do!


Crédito: Turismo Salta – Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes de la Provincia de Salta

We’re prepared to welcome over 70 Exhibitors (representing 80 hotels & boats + 23 local experts) from 12 Latin American countries and more than 70 specialist Travel Designers from such countries as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Paraguay. In addition to the traditional business rounds with one-on-one meetings, we will have numerous opportunities to connect and create bonds, including during social events, local activities, REMOTE Talks & Seeds and– why not?– over lunch or coffee. Despite the numbers, REMOTE Immersion is still an innovative boutique event for people with shared values.

What happens before and after the immersion


As in previous years, Travel Designers are invited to choose from a variety of carefully-selected pre- and post-journeys offered by REMOTE members in Argentina and Chile. All participants are also encouraged to extend their stays and further explore Salta or discover other regions of Argentina.


Crédito: Turismo Salta – Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes de la Provincia de Salta


We’re preparing our Talks with very special guests and themes and REMOTE Seeds remains an opportunity for REMOTERS to present relevant content in short presentations. One new addition is our Pre-Immersion gathering, dedicated to Exhibitors who are eager to reconnect, exchange ideas and strengthen their objectives together.



We also continue to believe that local community involvement is essential for the success of our event and for the destination to receive positive impacts for the future of tourism. Once again, REMOTE Legacy invites the residents of Cafayate to lectures in Spanish, as an occasion to update and connect. In addition to great wine and adventure, we’ll be surrounded by the region’s strong indigenous and gaucho culture. Let’s embrace this opportunity!


Crédito: Turismo Salta – Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes de la Provincia de Salta


All participants have already been invited to take their first steps towards REMOTE Cafayate, filling out their profiles on the REMOTE Hub and purchasing their airline tickets.

If you’re a participant in the event and experiencing difficulties at any stage, don’t hesitate to contact our team at .


Learn what is it like going REMOTE:


And get to know more about Cafayate here


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