REMOTE Cuenca 2023: Our Next Destination

November 15, 2022


We’re eager to climb the Ecuadorian Andes to host our next REMOTE Immersion, and there could be no better destination to welcome us next year than the fascinating city of Cuenca. This time, we’ll be surrounded by history, arts, traditional culture, natural landscapes and amazing people at an altitude of 8,000 feet above sea level. Cuenca is all about charm and, in the coming months, we hope to inspire you to explore the destination with us from October 16th to 19th at REMOTE Cuenca 2023


Cuenca was affectionately chosen to host our REMOTE Immersion because it embodies our main purposes. It is an off-the-beaten-path destination that preserves its culture and traditions, offers authentic and transformative experiences and is committed to developing increasingly responsible tourism. Still largely unexplored by international tourism, Cuenca is investing in infrastructure, experiences, training and local involvement to develop sustainable tourism that benefits local communities, and it is ready to welcome us and other travelers from all over the world.


We’re preparing a brand-new event, as every year we start from scratch to design an immersion that combines innovation, updates, new trends and the character of the destination. But our formula remains the same: our morning business meetings, afternoon immersive experiences, social events and inspiring content will be delivered with the main aim of generating fruitful business and meaningful connections.


Where art, history and nature combine

Santa Ana de Los Ríos de Cuenca, or simply Cuenca, is a magical place in the Andes surrounded by historic buildings, mountains, rivers and parks that form unique landscapes. The Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca, with architecture that dates from the 18th century, is highly preserved and has earned recognition as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 


But Cuenca, the capital of the Azuay province, is not only about history. The people represent much of the city’s appeal, with their smiles, hospitable spirit and enormous artistic creativity. In addition to soaking up history and culture, we will connect with the Cuencanos and learn more about their ancestors, traditions and skills.

The Andes also provide a perfect setting for nature lovers. Just a few kilometers from the city, Cajas National Park contains glacial lakes, mountains, springs and scenic trails. 


Cuenca is strategically located, just a one-hour flight from Quito and close to the Amazon and Ecuador’s Pacific coast. We invite you to take the opportunity to explore other incredible destinations in Ecuador.

Applications for REMOTE Cuenca 2023 are officially open. Travel designers from all over the world and Latin American hotels, boats and DMCs are welcome!


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