Brazilian Hidden Gems by REMOTERS

June 15, 2021



As this country is so immense and rich in unique places, biodiversity and peculiarities, there are still many hidden gems to be discovered.

Our Local Expert community members specialize in Brazilian destinations with expertise and in-depth knowledge of the country, creating exclusive itineraries for different types of travelers and tastes. They have listed some amazing locales to catch the attention of travelers:



Auroraeco Brazil has been a DMC since 1999, having pioneered in 2001 as one of the first Brazilian operators with a strong focus on active travel. With unique destinations and exclusive itineraries, Auroraeco specializes in customized private travel, developing unique trips for families, groups of friends, solo travelers and executives looking for boutique hotels, destinations of nature and historical-cultural value, culinary experiences, sailing and active walking and cycling trips.

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Tips from Auroraeco Brazil:



Atins, Maranhão

A small fishing village built on sand, located between the Rio Preguiça and the sea, right next to Lençóis Maranhenses. Enjoy a breakfast picnic at sunrise on the dunes of Atins. It’s an experience that will live on in your memory forever.



Chão de Estar (Cajueiro da Praia, Piauí)

Located at one of Brazil’s most heavenly beaches, the inn part of the Chão Piauí Project, which offers visitors authentic experiences and encourages conscientious social and environmental development. The small fishing community and its traditions are the center of this experience.



Alter do Chão, Pará

The Amazon jungle, the crystal-clear waters of the Tapajós River, the spectacular riverside beaches and indigenous communities make Alter their favorite destination in the Amazon.



Balé Folclórico da Bahia (Salvador, Bahia)

The performances of Balé Folclórico da Bahia are passionate, energetic spectacles. A scenic language that captures the folk manifestations of Bahia, its stories, habits, colors and influences at their purest. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to experience a live presentation.



Ideia Tours was founded in 1994, combining its extensive knowledge of Brazil and the expanding tourism industry with a clear understanding of the expectations of foreign visitors in terms of service standards and the delivery of genuine experiences. This comes courtesy of the company’s Dutch and Brazilian co-founders, supported by a dedicated multicultural team of travel experts. They design a comprehensive range of specialist journeys throughout Brazil for groups, families, couples or solo travellers with distinct interests on behalf of tour operators.

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Tips from Idea Tours:



Jaguaribe Lodge (Fortim, Ceará)

This lodge dazzles both outside and in. Bleached white dunes on one side, the cerulean sea on the other, Jaguaribe Lodge sits on an otherwise uninhabited stretch by the mouth of the Jaguaribe River. This saltwater inlet has the perfect conditions for kitesurfing and the inhouse kitesurfing school offers lessons and equipment for rent.

In terms of accommodations, there is a series of 16 private cottages suspended over the sand on stilts and interconnected by a raised walkway, providing guests with tasteful luxury and comfort.

With oceanfront views, comfortable minimalist furniture, rich wooden cladding inside and out and palm-thatched roofs, the apartments are divided into two categories: a large double and an ensuite natural bathroom in a room that sleeps up to two adults and two children, or a family apartment made up of two independent suites connected by a walkway.

A semi-olympic swimming pool set into a tasteful wooden decking and surrounded by sun loungers and a poolside bar is accompanied by inhouse spa treatments such as massages and facials, ensuring guests maximum relaxation. The lodge’s beachfront restaurant offers food throughout the day, changing their menu at night to serve gourmet seafood dishes made from the best catch of that day, and a delicious breakfast is served every morning.

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Established in 2002, Pure Brasil is a responsible inbound tour operator and DMC that curates exclusive, meaningful experiences to show the real essence of Brazil. They explore remote and far-flung destinations as well as the most touristy spots in the country, safely and responsibly. It designs ecotourism and adventure experiences that positively impact both tourists and local communities while also respecting wildlife.

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Tips from Pure Brasil:



Lençóis Maranhenses, Maranhão

Lençóis Maranhenses (literally the “Bedsheets of Maranhão”) is a hidden paradise in the Northeast of Brazil. This is a unique landscape that combines white sand dunes with blue and emerald freshwater lagoons. The 155,000 hectares (380,000 acres) of rolling sand dunes that resemble rippling bedsheets stretch inland to the ocean, adding the 70 kilometers of breathtaking coastline to its cinematographic views.

Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of trekking barefoot across the National Park, staying in the homes of natives in tiny villages, eating meals that they prepare, sleeping in hammocks and getting lost in the starry sky. Alternatively, if sleeping in hammocks is not your thing, there are plenty of good options of inns in the village of Atins, where you can head off for day walks in the National Park.

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Saco de Mamanguá (Paraty, Rio de Janeiro)

Brazil’s only “tropical” fjord, Saco do Mamanguá is a hidden gem in the Paraty region and it’s still unknown to many Brazilians. Just soak up the natural beauty around you or get active by kayaking to desert beaches, hiking up the Mamanguá Sugarloaf for impressive views, canoeing through the mangrove and joining the caiçaras (as the local people are known) for lunch.

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