Best Mexican destinations in the post-pandemic world

December 6, 2021


We spoke with the travel specialists at Journey Mexico, a member of the REMOTE Community, to understand what we can expect from the future of travel in Mexico. The country neighboring the United States has never closed its borders to international tourism and, despite the impacts of the pandemic, Mexico was Latin America’s most visited destination in 2020, moving up to third place worldwide, after Italy and France. 

According to Journey Mexico, “the country’s main destinations and companies have been exemplary in adopting the health and safety protocols, suggested by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in order to obtain the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp. Looking ahead to 2022, we are confident that our treasured travel industry will grow from strength to strength, and are thrilled to already see a high demand for Mexico as a destination, with a large influx of requests from those ready to travel”.

Calakamul (photo: Secretary_of_Tourism_of_Campeche)

As the world emerges post-pandemic, many of us are itching to venture out and try on new experiences. While covid-safety remains on the front line of travel plans, villa stays, secluded hotels and privately guided excursions lend themselves to the cause. Read about Journey Mexico’s top recommendations for luxury travel and best Mexico destinations within the current climate. 

The stunning private villas and tropical beauty of Punta Mita make it a wonderful destination for relaxing escapes. The spear-shaped peninsula lies on Mexico´s Pacific coast, surrounded by lush jungle foliage and blue waters. Explore the area with a private guide as you hike to panoramic views at the peak of Cerro del Mono (Monkey Mountain), paddleboard around the iconic Marieta Islands, or head to hidden surf spots with a local expert. The pristine haven of One&Only Mandarina rests a little further north on this same stretch of glorious coastline. Get lost in the magnificent setting of this hidden retreat, as you disconnect in outstanding clifftop and treehouse villas. 

One&Only | Mandarina

Over on Mexico’s Caribbean side, the sweeping coastline of the Riviera Maya hosts an array of private villas and individual trips to discover the cultural and natural treasures of the area. Jump into the refreshing waters of a privatized cenote, clearwater swimming holes that were considered sacred to the Mayans, or snorkel with the amazing whale sharks that grace the waters of Isla Mujeres in summertime. For a secluded hotel experience, try the House of AïA just south of Playa del Carmen. The innovative all-inclusive resort sits on its own private beach enclave surrounded by nature, with every accommodation facing the ocean for days gazing out to the azure. 

Cenote | Samula

For an extra-private luxury trip, travel a little further south of Tulum to the otherworldly Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve. With 1.3 million acres made up of mangroves, water systems and virgin tropical forest, the protected area provides an extraordinary setting for the scattering of private villas that lie to its northern reaches. These privileged properties are encased by Caribbean Sea and mangrove lagoons, the perfect hideout in a post-pandemic world. 

Casa Ikal

Finally, we journey to the unique and striking landscape of Baja California Sur , where cacti-studded desert scenes meet the sea. For a once in a lifetime, private experience in nature, it has to be a trip to meet to friendly gray whales that migrate each winter to San Ignacio Lagoon. Stay in a luxury camp reserved just for you and head out each day for multiple close encounters with these awesome, social creatures. Take advantage of the incredible location with birdwatching, hiking, and mountain biking within the lagoon. 

Cabo Pulmo


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