Argentina’s Northwestern Region

May 12, 2021



Argentina’s northwestern region is culturally closer to the Andean cultures of Bolivia and Peru than the European-influenced south, and has yet to be discovered by most travelers, but if there is something that calls people’s attention it is the variety of shapes and hues, the vivid colors of the Earth, the deserts, valleys and mountains, the break of dawn, the sunsets, the pureness of the air, its enormous silences, the bonhomie of its people and the traditional fiestas, unique to the region. Though there are also tropical forests, the region is mainly occupied by dry areas with undergrowth and incredible giant cacti known as cardones.

The cities of greatest interest to travelers are Jujuy, the gateway to the can’t-miss Quebrada de Humahuaca, Salta, justifiably known as “la linda,” and Cafayate in Salta Province, which is becoming famous for its high-altitude vineyards and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. It should be noted that Salta is an important hub that connects this region and is an obligatory stop on the way to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.



The northwest has a rich legacy of this past, with its invaluable indigenous ruins, works of art, in which the influence of the pre- and post-Hispanic eras form the special style of the region, and the colonial architecture, clearly evident in the buildings and especially in a number of churches in use to this day.

But beyond the incredible landscapes and natural spots, the people who live in this region also stand out. They are especially warm, good at receiving tourists, and hospitable. These people live in small villages where the lifestyle is very quiet and slow and sometimes these little towns seem to be suspended in time which make them very charming for visiting and to share with locals.

The culture that is lived here has traditions mixed with indigenous ones and the european heritage. Therefore, the gastronomy that results from these factors is particular and delicious. In addition, it combines very well with the high altitude wines that are produced there such as Malbec or Torrontés, a type of white wine with an incomparable flavor only produced in the Calchaquí Valleys area.



A REMOTE Local Expert of this region is Socompa, which today is one of the most prestigious travel agencies in Salta, is specialized in trips through the deserts of Salta, Catamarca and Atacama in Chile. Socompa’s philosophy is to think, design, organize and manage trips of high complexity as travelling to this corner of the globe means challenging the Andes and its climate to explore some of the places less visited and most exciting over Planet Earth. Socompa also owns the hotels Finca Valentina and Hosteria de Altura El Peñon, where guests can have a lunch or a picnic with the local communities and get small surprises during trips while visiting exclusive wineries.



Salta is located in a broad and arid valley in northwest Argentina, surrounded by tall green mountains. It captivates tourists with beautiful landscapes like Salinas Grandes, Purmamarca and Cerro de Los Siete Colores, as well as its cultural attractions, such as the Historical Museum of the North, the Contemporary Art Museum and the High Mountain Archeology Museum.

There you can find an incredible REMOTE Lodge member where you can stay for this magnificent experience:



Finca Valentina – Created by the owners of Socompa, one of the most prestigious travel agencies in Salta, the hotel is their country house, where the objective is to always provide high quality service in a family context. With just eight rooms, it’s the ideal place for relaxation, good food and peace. You can enjoy a massage session, go horseback riding, go hiking or just relax by the pool and in other outdoor areas. They also have a restaurant that combines Italian recipes and typical dishes from the region.



Puna do Atacama is a region of the Andes located at the same latitude as the Atacama Desert, extending from Bolivia to Argentina. Although Puna is a desert region, it is vivid in its colors: it has black volcanic rock, red sedimentary, yellow grass, white salt flats and a sky that is virtually always blue, guaranteeing a unique view that contrasts with the colors of the desert.

There is a REMOTE Lodge member that is the perfect base for exploring wonders like Laguna Grande, where thousands of flamingos gather in spectacular surroundings, as well as the towering dunes, the vast natural protected area Campo de Piedra Pomez and the Oasis of Antofalla, inhabited by 60 people alongside one of the most important salt flats in South America. The hotel is also strategically located for expeditions to the remote Galán Vulcano and the stunning Peinado Vulcano and Lake regions.



Hosteria El Peñon – Also belonging to the Socompa’s owners, it’s simple and cozy, a true oasis of luxury in the desert. Standing 3,400 meters above sea level, Hosteria El Peñon has just eight rooms, serving as a refuge of comfort and simplicity in the vast, stark, unbelievably beautiful Puna. All its style was conceived to be an extension of Puna, making you feel immersed 24 hours a day.


You can find more details on the REMOTE Community in Argentina here.

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