The values that connect the REMOTE community

January 28, 2022


Our values are what make REMOTE Latin America a unique initiative. They’re shared by our entire community, including local experts, hoteliers and travel designers from all over the world. We believe that these common principles strengthen our ties and make our goal of building a new scenario for independent tourism in Latin America more than just a dream, but a reality. So what are these values?

“The fact that we believe in small-scale tourism creates a strong synergy within the community. On the one hand, we curate small properties and boutique DMCs. The similar challenges, difficulties and opportunities generate a natural connection between them, a sense of belonging. And, on the other, we bring together Travel Designers who also trust in small-scale tourism – companies that promote local and off-the-beaten-path experiences, and that have a soul,” explains REMOTE director, Clara Davies.

Clara’s vision is reinforced by REMOTE director Roberto Bitelman: “I think that the search for authentic experiences and the distinction of working with remote destinations bring a synergy among REMOTERS. They can interact based on common interests, generating a feeling of unity, belonging and professional and personal development.”

Learn about REMOTE Latin America’s values:


Passion for Latin America

We believe, we are passionate and we know Latin America and its people like no one else. We understand that the cultural and biological diversity of the region can offer unforgettable and transformative experiences for international travelers. And we’re always looking for the most authentic, innovative and extraordinary experiences.


REMOTE PATAGONIA 2017 | ®Andre Conti

Unveiling the Unknown

Our mission is to uncover remote and unique destinations, lodgings, and adventures. We skip the established travel routes and challenge ourselves to discover places that are far from ordinary. We believe that by consciously promoting uncommon destinations we’re also supporting the spread of positive impacts.


Sustainability and Positive Impact

For us, tourism is more than an opportunity for great discoveries and learning. It’s a tool for the sustainable development of a destination or region, and it must be committed to generating positive social and environmental impacts wherever it takes place. Our members feel the same way. They’re responsible for developing initiatives and supporting inspiring sustainability projects in the destinations where they operate.


Meaningful Connections, Belonging and Co-creating

We’re all REMOTERS and part of the same community. We’re focused on going beyond networking and creating true bonds and friendships. Likewise, we believe that professional and personal development must take place through transparency, exchange, a sense of belonging and co-creation.



We’re a community united by bonds of affection: with one another, with others and with Latin America. 

We skip the established travel routes. 

We challenge ourselves to discover places that are far from ordinary. 

In our quest for more remote spots, we celebrate human relationships. 

We generate new business through dialogue. 

At our events, we facilitate partnerships.

Through our curatorship, we match people and places to construct unique moments.


We are Remote Latin America. 

We believe in tourism that creates brand new coordinates

of lifelong relationships, responsibilities and business.

We explore the world with a single mission: to generate encounters capable of unveiling the unknown to a world that believes it has all maps in hand.




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