The Peruvian Amazon: exploring it by cruise

June 14, 2022


Delfin Cruises takes travelers on a magical journey through the Amazon



Though it may not be as famous as its Brazilian counterpart, the Peruvian Amazon is an incredibly rich region, offering extraordinary experiences and landscapes. Covering nearly 60% of Peru’s territory, it is home to 293 mammal species, 806 bird species, 2,500 butterfly species and more than 7,300 flowering plants. According to the Rainforest Trust, 3,940 of its species are threatened. 


Throughout the Peruvian Amazon’s 782,880 km2, travelers can expect to see pink and grey dolphins, piranhas, sloths, toucans, turtles, caimans, howler monkeys, Peruvian night monkeys, various frog species and many other amphibians. They also get the opportunity to engage with local indigenous communities who maintain their ancestral cultures.



It is also where we can see the first kilometers of the largest river in the world – the Amazon comes together in the Andes and flows into the Peruvian rainforest before reaching Brazil. Some of the most preserved and remote areas in the Amazon are hidden in Peru. This includes the fantastic Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, the largest protected flooded forest in the world. The fact that it is so isolated allows for a wildlife adventure that is more personal and forgiving. 



Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado are the two gateway cities for unique Amazonian adventures. Each holds its own amazing features and experiences, although Iquitos is more connected to the Peruvian capital, Lima, with daily direct flights.


When to visit: wet season or dry season?


There are two distinct seasons in the Peruvian Amazon: during the wet season, from December to March, visitors can appreciate the dramatic, high-water panorama with rivers and streams rising about 23 feet (7 meters), while in the dry season, from June to November, temperatures are higher and you can access jungle trails and explore the rainforest on foot. Both seasons feature exquisite sceneries and are great for wildlife and flora observation. Therefore, the best time to visit the Amazon depends on individual travelers’ preferences.



Exploring the Amazon with Delfin Amazon Cruises


Boarding a local cruise is one of the most interesting ways to explore the Amazon, since being on the move allows you to reach different areas. Delfin Amazon Cruises is a pioneering upscale river cruise company, taking travelers on magical journeys of discovery in the upper Peruvian Amazon.



The fleet consists of three cruise ships: Delfin I , Delfin II and Delfin III . They all sail around the preserved Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, but offer different itineraries, experiences and levels of comfort. The three- and four-night itineraries have been carefully crafted to showcase the best flora and fauna that the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers have to offer, as well as the best soft adventure excursions for travelers to further discover the secrets of the Peruvian Amazon. There are optional experiences, including kayaking on the calm creeks and lakes, swimming with dolphins, fishing for piranhas at sunset, skirting the riverbanks in search of playful creatures, birdwatching, trail hikes and visits to local communities.



Delfin Cruises is ideal for those who want comfort, so they can relax to the sounds of nature after a day of adventures in the forest. The spacious suites with floor-to-ceiling windows provide travelers with the sensation of continued proximity to nature. The food is especially outstanding, with creative contemporary dishes that make use of fresh regional ingredients. The three boats have limited capacity, making the experience more exclusive and personalized. This is a transformative experience– a truly magical combination of Peru and the Amazon!


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