Family-friendly hotels bring children closer to nature

April 21, 2022


There’s no doubt that the benefits are immense when children have contact with nature. This connection has been proven to develop learning, improve physical and mental health, bring happiness and confidence, stimulate imagination, teach them to be better caretakers of the environment and so many other advantages.

According to a study of children participating in outdoor activities conducted by the Wildlife Trust and the UCL Institute of Education, after spending time in nature, 90% reported they learned something new about the natural world and 84% felt they are capable of doing new things if they try.

At these REMOTE hotels, children need nothing more than nature to have fun. Even without any specific infrastructure or activities for children, hotels can awaken the little ones’ creativity and provide memorable experiences.


Pikaia Lodge, Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

Pikaia Lodge is a magnificent Relais & Chateaux property located in Santa Cruz, Galapagos. For the environmentally friendly and the adventurous guest, this place is paradise on earth. Year round the hotel receives guests that, aside from seeking a luxurious experience, are looking to understand the theory of evolution, connect with nature and closely interact with unique species on earth.

A kid-friendly destination, Pikaia has amazing facilities, in-house experiences and tours that are perfect for families to enjoy quality time as well as learn about the Galápagos and its nature conservation programs.


The lodge itself has a reforestation program, in which guests can give back to the environment by planting local tree species; which contributes to the major goal of restoring the ecosystem. Galapagos’ nature interaction is one of a kind and kids experience close encounters with the marine ecosystems as well as in-land biodiversity. During a single snorkeling session, kids may swim with penguins, see turtles and sharks, play with sea lions, and experience a variety of different fish species, colors and textures. With the experienced naturalist guides, kids can also learn about biodiversity and evolution.

Yacht navigation, bike riding, reforestation, in-land exploration, tortoise sanctuary, snorkeling, kayaking, pool area, wildlife connection, are just some of the amazing family friendly activities Pikaia has to offer. 


Tourism worldwide has been polluted with materialistic activities, however, in the Galapagos Islands, we have the idea that less consumption provides more significant connections with nature. In kid’s developments, these connections provide more substantial cognitive processes by learning through exploration.



Estancia El Colibri, Córdoba – Argentina 

A perfect Argentine farm experience, Estancia El Colibri is made by family for family. Located at the foot of the Sierras de Córdoba in Santa Catalina, the boutique hotel is the result of the dream and passion of mom and dad  Stéphanie and Raoul Fenestraz and their family. Therefore, in addition to direct contact with nature, the accommodation offers a warm welcome for children and their parents.

The idyllic setting immerses visitors in Argentina’s rural culture and lifestyle. During an all-inclusive stay, kids can milk cows, collect fresh eggs in the henhouse, feed the animals, bring the sheep back to their pens, interact with ducks and pigs, learn about organic gardening, take a class in pastry baking, hike or cycle with parents and ride horses through the plains. It’s definitely an enriching experience for children of all ages.




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