Exploring Travel Perspectives for 2022 and Beyond in the European and Latin American Markets

March 29, 2022


More than 80 REMOTE members attended our last edition of REMOTE Talks which took place March 9 – 10, bringing together tourism specialists from Europe and Latin America to discuss Travel Market Perspectives for 2022 and Beyond. Enlightening insights and collaborative perspectives brought our community a first-hand panorama on what we can expect from those markets.

Many REMOTE Friends took part in this informative mosaic, like Tania Popovic of Madre Travel, who hosted the panel with Bruny Correal of BCM Viajes in Colombia, Ines Pams of Turismo Exmar in Mexico and Camila Soares of Just Tur in Brazil. Odile Palustran of Opal Collection invited Vivian Mengel of Windrose Finest in Germany, Hilda Gonzalez of Avila Reizen in the Netherlands and Chris Albrecht of Travel Sensations in Belgium.


Microlearnings – Perspectives on the European Market:

– Now more than ever we need this important commercial chair from the DMC, which has local information about which restaurants are closed and which flights have returned
– People have the urge to travel and spend the money they haven’t spent, in addition to being bored and not knowing what’s coming next
– ”Last minute” for Latin American customers is much shorter, like a week, four days. We don’t even have time to do PCR tests
– Keeping up with the requirements is the new challenge for travel agents, as customers come to us specifically for advice these days
– We’re limiting the number of countries but not the number of days
– People are combining business trips they already have scheduled with leisure travel. Working from anywhere is a reality



Microlearnings: Perspectives on the Latin American Market

– Our challenge now is to make sure people are well-informed and get the proper insurance
– Our LatAm sales numbers this year are back to 30-40% of what they were pre-pandemic and we expect to reach 50% this year
– People are looking for more laid-back travels, including contact with nature. Relaxation is key in people’s mindset
– Everything’s a matter of promotion. If the destination starts working more closely with travel agencies on family trips, etc., general sales will naturally go up
– Because flights are changing all the time and they have become more expensive, one single destination is definitely a trend
– We expect to be back at pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year


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