5 incredible retreats in Latin America

January 28, 2021



Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city and the routine of everyday life has been an increasing concern. Retreat-style trips, where the goal is to calm the mind, body and soul, are becoming ever more popular among fans who are looking for a quiet place to de-stress and recharge.

More isolated destinations, connections with nature and the search for self-knowledge and spirituality are key points for the public that seeks this type of travel, in addition to accommodations that also include such relaxing activities as spa treatments, massages and meditation.

Disconnecting from technology is extremely important for you to really connect with yourself. Trade your smart phone for a pen and paper. An atmosphere of serenity, peace and silence is great for reflecting on your life, what has brought you happiness, what you would like to do and your dreams. Writing everything down to transform them into goals is a great strategy to make them a reality.

We selected 5 incredible Lodging Members where you can enjoy the unique experiences that a REMOTE retreat can provide:




Ponta do Corumbau, Brazil

Located in the south of Bahia, Brazil, Fazenda São Francisco do Corumbau is ideal for those looking for a remote place to relax. This sophisticated beach hotel has 10 bungalows that offer the privacy, comfort and tranquility to connect you with nature.




Armenia, Colombia

A hidden gem in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Region, its 8 impeccable accommodations provide rest, peace and the beauty of nature surrounded by the Central Andes Mountains. It offers various activities such as cacao harvesting, balloon rides and moments of relaxation at the Hacienda Bambusa Spa.




Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica

Tucked in between the valleys and waterfalls of picturesque Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica, El Silencio Lodge is one of the most secluded, tranquil and relaxing options for travelers looking for the “pura vida” lifestyle and a deep connection with nature. You can enjoy a candlelit dinner by the forest with ingredients from the farm, scenic walks and zip lines through the forest canopy.




Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

A new phase in the evolution of luxury eco-adventure on the Galapagos Islands, Pikaia Lodge offers comfortable, spacious rooms and suites with panoramic, floor-to-ceiling windows, private shaded terraces and balconies with breathtaking unobstructed views, on top of the unique and incredibles wonders of the Galapagos.




Ranco Lake, Chile

A refined hideaway within the completely preserved natural vastness of northern Chilean Patagonia, Futangue Hotel & Spa offers lots of privacy. A place where you can relax in comfort, enjoying great cuisine, well-selected wines and plenty of rest at a superb spa.


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