Remote Talks

Conversations that lead to mind-changing discussions

Every year, Remote Latin America invites inspiring guests to share their experiences and thoughts about important subjects related to the travel industry.

In 2019, Responsible Tourism is the main theme that will guide our conversations. On a planet that faces challenging conflicts like mass immigration and intolerance of cultural differences, we believe our pioneering experience of bringing a travel show to a virtually unknown village like Barichara is a great opportunity for us to discuss – and to practice – responsible tourism in a way that respects local people and the environment.

By bringing influential figures to talk to our community, Remote Latin America intends to demonstrate for everyone the urgency in promoting sustainable tourism, fair business practices and mind-changing discussions to make Latin America a better place in which to live and travel.

Remote Seeds

An opportunity to hear our own community’s voice

Remote Seeds are short talks, straight-to-the-point 5-minute messages that Remote Community members share with our audience of travel leaders. By planting these seeds, individuals give life to projects that can grow and be fruitful.

The first edition of Remote Seeds will happen in Barichara as part of the Remote Talks, our now traditional series of conferences featuring guest keynote speakers who present 20-30-minute non-commercial speeches about relevant themes in Latin America’s travel industry.

The microphone will be open to our community’s inner voice. Representatives of the most charming small hotels and boats, passionate local experts, innovative travel designers and all other participants will have the chance to sum up an idea, a project, a personal experience or one of their company in order to inspire, inform, get support or provoke other members of this growing Remote family.

These are the Terms and Conditions for participating in the Remote Seeds:

  • Every Remote Latin America participant can apply to present their own Remote Seeds speech;
  • As we have a time limit, the final speech has to be 5 minutes at most. A one-minute signal will be displayed to let participants know their time is coming to an end, and a bell will ring to let the speaker know the presentation is over.
  • Remote Latin America reserves the right to conduct a pre-selection of the best suggestions in order to create a balance of diverse themes for every evening of speeches.
  • To participate, the candidate must fill out the form below, summarizing in 5 lines (font size 12) their biography and in a maximum of 10 lines the theme and message to be shared.Every candidate must also attach a short 2-minute simple video that could be filmed on a smartphone summarizing the idea of their message and why it could be of interest to this audience of travel leaders.
  • We recommend the pitches be inspiring, relevant, provocative and positive. Ideally they will surprise the audience with something new, disruptive, fun, non-commercial or trendy which inspires personal or professional changes.
  • After our selection, all candidates will receive an answer from our staff, positive or otherwise.
  • The selected candidates will then be contacted to begin the process of preparing and editing a touching speech. The candidate should be aware that he/she must participate in 2-to-3 virtual meetings before we reach the final version of the speech.
  • Every Remote Seeds speaker is responsible for the final text, the visual presentation and the live speech at Remote Barichara.
  • The selected speakers allow Remote Latin America to promote their image and ideas of their speech before and after the event in different types of media, such as the website, social media, newsletter and catalogue.
  • Remote Seeds speakers authorize Remote Latin America to record and publish their final speech in full or edited form on the YouTube channel and other media.

Interested in becoming a Remote Seed speaker? Click here and fill up the form.

Our selection of keynote speakers for Remote 2019 will be announced soon.

Click below to watch some of the Remote Talks from the 2018 edition.

The future of tourism: Lessons learned from 20 years of expertise in sustainable tourism and ecotourism

Hans Pfister, entrepreneur

Co-founder and president of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges, German-born Hans Pfister is a global thought leader on sustainable hospitality. Cayuga won the 2018 Tourism for Tomorrow Award in the “People” Category given by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Empathy in Tourism:
The role of travelers in promoting peace

Alvaro Cedeño Molinari, diplomat

Former Costa Rican Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Molinari is a specialist in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation, bioliteracy and regenerative development. He speaks about how tourism can promote peace by respecting human cultural diversity and nature.