REMOTE Immersion — Jun 26, 2019


In Barichara outdoor and cultural activities will be in small groups

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We in REMOTE Latin America believe that traveling in small groups is the right way to have a meaningful journey, full of real connections with people, culture and nature. 

That’s why we are going to offer a very special menu of outdoor and cultural activities to be shared in small groups. That will reduce the impact of our presence in peaceful and lovely Barichara. 

Like this, we intend that our 4 days up in the mountains of Santander Province will be a true immersion in the slow routine of the most beautiful pueblito in Colombia. 

Our stay will be decentralized, as the town only have small hotels and private villas for rent. That means every Remoter will have a chance to walk around those charming cobblestone streets, talk to the locals, ride in a tuctuc to watch the sunset in a view point or try their tasteful local street food.


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