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Rio Perdido Hotel
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The mystic from Rio Perdido

This month we talked with Gabriel, founder of Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River, a sanctuary of well-being, and the true embodiment of Costa Rica’s legendary PURA VIDA located in Bagaces city, Costa Rica. His main purpose is to secure and protect this land while making it available to others to enjoy under sustainable development.

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Costa Rica Escapes

Costa Rica offers a variety of tour and activity options and it's always nice to have a local expert along to make sure you get the complete experience. That's why CR Sun Tours gave us some tips on escapes that might surprise you.

Brazil Hidden Gems
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Brazilian Hidden Gems by REMOTERS

As this country is so immense and rich in unique places, biodiversity and peculiarities, there are still many hidden gems to be discovered. Our Local Expert community members specialize in Brazilian destinations have listed some amazing locales to catch the attention of travelers.

Northwest Argentina
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Argentina's Northwestern Region

Argentina's northwestern region is culturally closer to the Andean cultures of Bolivia and Peru than the European-influenced south, and has yet to be discovered by most travelers, but if there is something that calls people's attention.

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Argentina: a destination for all tastes

Argentina is full of landscapes that please all tastes! Due to the size of your country, it offers endless possibilities for destinations, cities, landscapes and travelers attractions, it just depends on what you want to do.

Why It’s Important to Disconnect
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Why It’s Important to Disconnect

Traveling is a great excuse to disconnect. Try turning it off for a few days, or turn off your cell data and only use it to take photos or notes.

Travel Radar Survey Remote 2021
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Travel Radar Survey 2021

We are happy to share some important info and an analysis based on a Survey conducted in our REMOTE Community.

Permaculture Farm-to-Table
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In search of the simplest

Nowadays people are looking for a simpler and more conscientious life, with the desire to connect with themselves more and integrate with the environment / nature and society in a more sustainable and conscious way.

Argentine Patagonia
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Argentine Patagonia - An unforgettable trip

What would you say to an adventurous itinerary in a remote region that offers breathtaking landscapes? This place is Patagonia, divided between Argentina and Chile, both sides with can't-miss attractions for any nature and wildlife lover.

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Travelling in Costa Rica during a global pandemic

Johnny Ogilvie, of South America Odyssey, shares a first-hand account about how the country is ready to welcome tourists again.

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The state of travel in Latin America today

A rundown of the current situation of tourism in Latin America, according to Local Experts from the REMOTE Community.

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How governments can support travel industry

An article from McKinsey & Company suggests partnerships for the recovery.

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