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Hospitality's main ingredient is love

This month we talked with Nanana Teixeira, owner of Casa dos Arandis, a small and exclusive boutique hotel located in Maraú, Bahia. Casa dos Arandis is known for the famous couple's love for their guests. They welcome, care and offer all their love through hospitality.

Comuna do Ibitipoca

How to engage the local population in your hotel's projects

Many hoteliers dream of embracing social and environmental projects in the regions where they're located. But the truth is that having successful projects requires a process of continuous building, especially with the local community.


The megalithic architecture of Cusco

Andres Adasme is Explorer, Product Developer, Experience Designer and member of the Remote Community. He tells us about his experience in Sacsaywaman.

Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna, an inspiration in social impact tourism.

Check out our conversation with Petit, owner of the Sol y Luna hotel, a member of the REMOTE community who told us a little about your relationship with the local community and how other hotels can also act in social impact tourism.


5 incredible retreats in Latin America

We selected 5 incredible Lodging Members where you can enjoy the unique experiences that a REMOTE retreat can provide.


My journey: Peru is ready to welcome tourists again

Gisela Polo, Latin America Manager for American Big Five Tours & Expeditions, tells us about her trip from Miami to Lima.


25 online events in 5 months

2020 has been a challenging year for us all, but difficulties come also with opportunities. Our recent online actions have been essential in keeping our Community updated and connected.

mother children Kate Pembroke Steppes Travel household family mik girls

Inspired by REMOTE Talks, Remoters start making their own little changes

Do you remember when our barefoot speaker at REMOTE Costa Rica Hans Pfister suggested our community incorporate at least one change in our daily lives to make the world more sustainable?

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